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Lance Edwards, Apartment Entrepreneur & Mentor
RE:     MultiFamily Home Study - Create Your Financial Freedom with Apartment Deals Today

 Introductory PRICE ONLY Exclusively For You!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Whether You're Just starting Your Real Estate Business or You're an Industry Expert, You're About To Learn The Exact Techniques and Strategies That I Personally Used To Build Massive Profits!

Houston apartment superstar entrepreneur Lance Edwards recently held a close-door boot camp revealing how he is quietly going out and buying entire apartment complexes for massive profits with absolutely none of his own money.

This sounds crazy, but it is something that he is doing right now, in 2008, in one of America's largest and most competitive multi-family markets. This is not something that worked 20 years ago, but a strategy that is silently creating millions of dollars for investors who go off of the well-worn single family home investing path. And the weird thing is that Lance really isn't facing much competition at all. Because for every hundred single family investors, there is probably only one or two multi-family investors.

And, instead of having to convince sellers to accept no money down offers or assume their financing, most multi-family sellers actually EXPECT to sell their properties with creative tactics. They're actually open to offers that single family home sellers sneer at.

Instead of paying $1297 to get this information, we have arranged for you to try it -
risk FREE!


What You'll Receive:

Lance's intensive two day boot camp was divided into seven distinct modules that were designed to give you EVERY tool, tactic and resource that you needed to put a cookie-cutter operation in place in your town in less than 30 days.

You will receive a full copy of the recordings from the event, and all handouts, and every other material that those who attended live will receive.

Again, since even a single deal can equal a years income, you can fit this business into your life, and create the wealth and independence that you are looking for.

Module One: Why Multi-Family?

You'll learn why multi-family is a complete no-brainer in today's economy, and how to create a massive net worth in only a few short years - even starting part-time. The age of easy single family deals has drawn to a close in many markets because of intense competition. While you have seen hundreds of signs saying "We Buy Houses," have you seen any saying "We Buy Apartments?" Could this be telling you something!?!

You'll learn how multi-family investing is actually more friendly to the small, cash-poor investor than single family houses. Readily assumable financing without qualification makes structuring these deals a breeze. You'll be blown away by how much easier it is to play with bigger dollars in multi-family investing.

Module Two: How To Figure Out The Value of Any Complex In 10 Minutes or Less

This SHOCKS most people, but it is far easier to figure out the value of a massive apartment complex in many cases than a single family bread and butter home. The reason is because to determine value, you simply plug in readily ascertainable numbers into some specific formulas to yield what a fair price for the property is. Lance will detail HOW to do this so that you never have to guess about value again. So simple, that any fifth grader could run these numbers.

Module Three: Funding deals with NONE of your own cash.

Let's face it. Apartment complexes are so expensive that if everyone had to buy them with their own cash, very few complexes would ever get sold.

Apartment complex sales are built upon the idea of using other people's money, creative finance techniques, and owner financing. Not having the cash to close a deal is the norm. Once you know how to structure and fund a deal, you can literally walk right into a million dollar deal even if you are having trouble keeping the light bills on.

Most of your sellers bought their complexes with little if any personal money down, and they will readily sell to you on the same terms.

Module Four: Finding Deals

To do a deal, you must first find it. Because there is so much less competition in multi-family investing, old school tactics like looking at listed deals or sending out simple letters will yield massive results. You will get an entire turn-key marketing system that you can use from day one. There is even a way to search for these deals over the internet at any hour of the day or night. You'll learn EXACTLY what Lance does to create a massive flow of motivated sellers. And because Lance is a self-admitted cheap-skate when it comes to marketing, you'll learn many FREE ways to get your marketing message out there.

Module Five: The Exact Mechanics

You will learn the PRECISE techniques and steps to put any multi-family property under contract, and how to get it closed with none of your own cash. This is hard-core nuts and bolts information that will leave nothing to chance. Need specifics to feel comfortable? You'll have the exact information that you need to appear knowledgeable and professional from your very first deal forward.

Module Six: Property Management Secrets

Learn how Lance can manage as many units as he can find without ever having to lift a finger or fix anything personally. Let the property pay for someone to handle those details, and spend your time out finding more lucrative deals while your net worth stacks up.

Module Seven: Detailed Action Plan

Knowledge without a game plan is valueless. That's why in this module Lance will detail EXACTLY what action steps to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to insure that you WILL achieve at the same high level he does. This module will give a complete game plan so that you can schedule your winning game plan and get real results starting out of the gate.
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Check Out What Lance's Students Are Saying...

"Lance Edwards is a very inspiring teacher."

  "Lance Edwards is a very inspiring teacher. His passion for his
     business of multifamily investing is infectious..."

  -- Chris Dasch, Student

"Anyone can do it."

  “I learned a great deal about multifamily investing. The most
    important is that you don’t have to be “rich” to do these deals.
    Anyone can do it. Also, Lance delivered a wealth of information.
    I didn’t feel as though I needed to attend five more seminars to
    get started.”

  -- Denise Rowe,  Student.


"... by far and away the best presentation of any real estate topic."

   "Lance Edwards’ Multifamily Investing Seminar is by far and away
    the best presentation of any real restate topic.  It has great ideas
    and was focused on truly educating the participants.  It is far better
    than any single seminar, book or course that I have ever taken."

   -- Chuck Bridgman, Student

"... showed me that I already have the ability to do these deals'

   “This was an eye opening seminar that not only showed me the ins
     and outs of multifamily investing but it also showed me that I
     already have the ability to do these deals and be successful in
     doing them.”

  -- Gary Scardino, Student


 Your Motivation to Change Your Life Now…

Success comes to those who take decisive action.  As your reward for acting now and ordering this program, you will receive these remarkable bonus items which even the original students did not receive at the live event!  (Shhh... Don’t tell them).

BONUS #1: LIVE Group Consultation Call within 30 Days - $300 value  
Everyone who purchases will have 30 days to submit their questions. Lance will personally host a teleconference to answer those calls for everyone. As long as it takes, Lance will stay on the line to make sure that there is NO confusion. But, once you see how truly easy this business is, and how clearly Lance breaks things down, you probably will have no questions and absolute certainty on how to get started.

BONUS #2: 90 Days of Consultation  - $1000 value
Upon your order, you will have 90 days of email access to get your personal questions answered by Lance - answers to your questions on multifamily investing and/or your specific deals.  Simply email your question or fax in the 1 page Deal Analysis Sheet (provided in the Home Study Course) and you’ll get your deals analyzed and questions asked.  The value of this could be tens of thousands of dollars in assisting you with getting into the right deal – the financial freedom kind of deal.

BONUS #3: Written Transcript of the Entire Program - $197 value
Besides the 12 hours of audio recordings from the 2 day live event, you will receive a written transcript of the entire event.  Use this written treasure as your guide and reference to the entire program.  Use the Audio Table of Contents to pinpoint any topic of interest – on the audio recordings and/or the transcript - as you embark on your new multifamily success!

BONUS #4: Quick Start Guide - $97 value
It’s time to get laser focused.  Follow this simple guide to get you rapidly started on the most critical step – creating deal flow and quickly analyzing deals; at no cost.  Wealth is with the deals.  Follow the path that Lance has already paved for you and create your own apartment deal flow.  Use this Guide to create your deal flow in any part of the country - even if you are looking outside of your own back yard. 

BONUS #5: Immediate Access
Your complete Home Study System will be shipped to you soon after placing your order. Yet, you will have immediate access to the information when you place your order now.  We know you don’t want to wait.  Upon your order, we will email you the digital audio and handout information so you can get started now!  And then, you’ll have the added convenience of the physical CD’s, Guides, Transcripts, Scripts, Templates and Samples once they arrive at your door.


Learn It All Without Risking A Thin Dime...

You can get it right now for $1297 $697 - risk FREE! CLICK HERE to Order Now!

We are making this offer to people on our list only, because we know that you are of high integrity.

You will receive the complete audio from Lance's most intensive boot camp that he has ever conducted.

That includes all of the handouts, materials, transcripts and the manual that was produced for the event.

You'll have EVERYTHING that those who spent big bucks to attend received. (Plus more when you include the bonuses.  Valued at $1594, the bonuses are our gift to you for taking action now.)

Check it out for 30 days. If you are not TOTALLY convinced that multi-family investing is absolutely for you, that there is less competition, a greater profit potential, less time demands, and no need to do single family deals before graduating to multi-family, just let us know in the first 30 days.  Return the physical materials within the first 30 days and we will refund your money - no questions asked. The digital materials you have received are yours to keep. 

That’s right!  Keep them.

Again, we are making this offer only to those of the highest integrity, and extending ourselves at our own risk for your benefit.

You would expect to pay $5,000 for a boot camp of this quality-this is education for a lifetime of investing for pennies on the dollar.


Here's what you can expect to do during the first 30 days:
You'll learn how to use the internet to find leads for FREE that you will quickly and easily evaluate for profit potential from the comfort of your own home.
You'll make an offer on at least one property, and know that you can close on that property with none of your own money.
You'll understand that multi-family investing is going to be the absolute low stress, low time commitment way to reach your financial goals. You will enjoy the prestige of investing in larger projects as well.
You will have a full mastery of the entire process from marketing, negotiating, placing deals under contract, and getting paid on massive transactions even if you are new to real estate.
You will see how easy it is to create $1 million for yourself in 7 years using none of your own cash. You may adjust that goal upwards when you see how the numbers make this a VERY low estimate of how you can do in this business.
You'll see for yourself how much more receptive multi-family sellers are than single family home sellers to "creative" no money down offers. You will finally realize that not having money is not going to stop you from reaching your goals.

This Offer is Unprecedented and Only Available
To Those Who Are Decisive and Take Action Now.
Don’t Delay.  This Introductory Price Will be Pulled.

The value of this program - and bonuses - is several multiples of the price you are paying here.  Lance is taking all of the risk!  You can test drive the entire program for 30 days.  If you don’t like it, get a refund and keep the materials!  No questions asked.

That’s like buying a car and getting a full refund if you don’t like it after driving it for a full 30 days – and KEEPING the car!

So what do you possibly have to lose?  There is only upside for you!

Test for yourself that this business can be done on a part-time basis and is easier than slugging it out house by house.   Test for yourself how you can easily create deal flow using these techniques.  And realize for yourself, that it’s easy to raise the money with the right deals and using the 4-part formula.

But don’t delay because Lance does know the tremendous wealth that apartments create and he fully understands the value of what he is offering here - for pennies on the dollar.   

Lance is doing this as part of the initial roll-out of the program nationwide AND because he wants to create success out of his students’ success while creating deal flow.  Please understand however that he can only extend this kind of offer for a limited time, and to a select group.  He really is taking all of the risk.

You will not find this program on the Internet.  It is a special introductory offer from Lance. 

Itís Up to You Now!

MultiFamily Home Study Success Course $697
You'll Receive 13 Audio CDs, The QuickStart Guide, Support Materials, Samples,
and the Transcripts of the Live Event

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