WARNING: The real estate investing techniques of 2000 don't work TODAY.
Here's what does work…

Let Me Show You Why 95% of Today's
Real Estate Investors Are Absolutely Wrong
and How You Can Leverage Your Time
to Create Quick Financial Freedom &
Thru Commercial Apartment Deals -
Using None of Your Own Money

I'm Busting The Myths that Other Apartment
Entrepreneurs Want You to Believe.

Press Release


Warning: Read This Before You Consider
Single Family Home Investing in Today's Economy!

Apartment Entrepreneur Reveals the Whole Truth About
Single Family vs. Multifamily
– and Busts the Myths that
Other Apartment Entrepreneurs Want You to Believe.

There's an Opportunity in the Real Estate Marketplace
that Most Others Are Missing – Until Now.

United States, - The sub-prime mortgage party is over and now it's time for the hangover. And the days of the easy house rehab and flip - to any buyer with a pulse - are gone. So forget house rehabs for awhile.

You say you want to buy and rent houses instead? OK. Fine. Are you ready to deal with the tenants and toilets? Because good luck finding a decent property manager that's willing to mess with a few scattered houses.

And good luck trying to squeeze cash flow out of a house – especially if you buy it nothing down. You can chase those dreams all day long but it won't work for you. And here's why.

The whole game has changed around single family home investing. Completely. The techniques of 1990, or even 2000, will not work TODAY. Single family home investing today is about short sales and having lots of cash on hand.

And, if you've ever tried a short sale with the bank, you know how painful and unrewarding a process that can be. I did. Once - years ago. Four months of negotiation on 1 deal – with 3 different bank agents. My profit: ZERO! And that was enough to decide there must be an easier way.

The good news… There is a better way.


Lance Edwards
Re: Financial Freedom – Thru Apartments Using None of Your Own Money

This is Not 2000.

And that's important when it comes to real estate investing. There's an opportunity in the real estate marketplace that most entrepreneurs are missing. And not only have I figured this out but I have figured out how to teach it to you in a very short period of time.

Especially Now is the Time to Do Multifamily Apartments, Whether Buying or Flipping.

Now, especially now, is the time for getting serious about real estate thru multifamily apartment houses. Apartments are the land of financial freedom thru passive income and/or big checks by flipping – and all on a part-time basis.

Yes, you can flip apartments – just like houses except with extra zeroes on your checks! And you can do it where you do NO REHAB. Say again? That's right – NO REHAB!

You can do apartments without interfering with your day JOB – until you're ready to leave (which will be soon). And the fact of the matter is – apartments are easier than houses!

I realize that statement may seem counter-intuitive – but only because you have been subconsciously brainwashed into believing the myths that are propagated by the apartment players who enjoy little competition.

What other Apartment Entrepreneurs
Don't Want You to Know.

I'm parting the curtains and revealing what others don't want you to know about the huge returns & incredible leverage of your time with apartments. Why am I revealing this? Because I'm looking to create big ticket deal flow for myself and my students. And I know that to have all of what I want, I have to give others all of what they want.

So let's first visit the total falsity behind each of the 3 top myths around apartment entrepreneurship:

Myth 1

False. Apartments are most commonly done thru limited partnerships where the entrepreneur – the deal maker – finds the deal and syndicates the private money sources. In exchange for putting the deal together and/or running the project, the deal maker receives a substantial piece of the deal – using other people's cash. The deal maker (you) receives cash flow or equity or both – depending on your desires.

You see, on big ticket deals, the bank will require at least 20-25% down payment for the financing. So, for a 200 unit apartment complex that costs $5,000,000, that's a down payment of $1,000,000.

Now the bank doesn't have much of an expectation that an individual will put up the $1,000,000. It's certainly possible but what's more probable – to them – is that the deal maker will raise the $1,000,000 thru private partners. And that's perfectly fine with the bank.

Note that this is unlike house financing where the bank requires “seasoned funds” – meaning that the funds have to be in the home buyers account for at least 60 days. Not the case in multifamily financing. You see, with apartments, the banks look more at the asset – the apartment business - as the collateral.

Syndication is the Norm in Apartments.

Apartments are part of the broad commercial class of apartments where deal syndication is the norm. This is the land of the true entrepreneur where you can literally define financial freedom with a single apartment deal – using other people's money.

Don't have good credit? No problem. Borrow the credit from a credit partner – someone to sign for the loan. Why would they do that? Because of the return they are going to earn as one of your private credit partners. In fact, here's a totally counter-intuitive fact. The larger the deal, the less the banks look at the borrower and the more they look at the asset.

Why? Because it's simply harder for banks to find buyers who can personally guarantee multimillion dollar deals. Hence, the lenders have to rely on the apartment complex as the guarantor.

The more money you borrow, the less credit you need. It's true. It's easier to borrow $5,000,000 for an apartment complex than it is to borrow $500,000.

Why is it Easier to Borrow $5,000,000 than $500,000?

Because of the fact that there's more “cheese” available for everyone in the big deals. The bank earns more. The mortgage broker earns more. And your private money referrals sources earn more. Everyone has an incentive to get your deal done.

It's this primary myth of the need for personal cash and/or credit that keeps the competition so low in apartments. And now that you know the truth, that's your benefit. You can enter the land of little competition in multifamily real estate.

Do you think there's competition in houses these days? Oh, my gosh. It's a circus. More people are scrambling for fewer and fewer good deals because so many houses are “up-side down”, meaning that they are now worth less than is owed on them. Whereas everyone sees “We Buy Houses” signs on the side of cars, you don't see too many (if any) “We Buy Apartments” signs.

There's your first clue.

Myth 2

Wow. This is one of the really absurd ones. When I was starting out in real estate, I started by learning from a wealthy and successful single family home mentor who did me a huge favor. Early on, he told me to get into multifamily as soon as I could.

I Skipped Single Family and Jumped Straight to Multifamily.

I started with multifamily for all of the advantages that my original mentor taught me and I am revealing here:

  • Bigger checks.
  • Best leverage of your time.
  • Less competition.
  • Forced appreciation opportunity.
  • Huge tax depreciation benefits.
  • Faster financial freedom.
  • National market.
  • Can do it over the phone.
  • Easier to raise large money than small money.
  • Multifamily has a history of nothing-down.
  • Easy to attract good property management.
  • Economies of scale in the operations.
  • Apartments are made to cash flow. Houses are not.
  • Ultimate leverage of big ticket deals.
  • Multiple exit strategies.
  • Can flip or hold.

Apartments Just Make Sense.

Apartments are built as income properties. They are designed to cash flow. Houses are not. Houses are made to be sold to home buyers who value the color of the carpet and wall paper.

Most beginning real estate investors start with and automatically qualify themselves for doing houses because they have lived in a house – at one time or another. That's as good a qualification as any.

Have you ever lived in an apartment? Yes?

Congratulations, You Are Qualified to Do Apartments. Really.

Apartment entrepreneurship is an easily-learned skill; just like you can learn to buy houses nothing-down. But here's another advantage of apartments over houses. I can evaluate an apartment deal - in any part of the country – without leaving my chair.

I have done it, am doing it – as are my students. We are evaluating and making offers on apartments nationwide without having to first see them. How is that possible? Because analyzing apartments is just like analyzing any business – it's based on the numbers, the financials.

Think about it. If you were in the market to buy a business and someone called you with a business for sale, would your first reaction be to hop in your car to drive across town to see the lobby?

No, of course not. But that's what most house buyers have to do to keep from losing the lead to the next classified ad in the newspaper (where the market is saturated). They jump in their car and burn their gas praying that someone doesn't get there before them.

Stop Driving Around. North America is Your Apartment Market.

You, on the other hand, as an apartment business buyer, would ask to see the profit and loss statement - the financials. “Fax me the P&L”, you would say.

Well, it's the same with apartments. We evaluate these apartment businesses based on the numbers. And it's an easily learnable skill.

How do I know that's it's an easily learnable skill? Because I've had hundreds of students learn it and go out and do it. They just followed the system laid out for them. Apartment analysis requires a hand-held calculator and 6th grade math skills. You know… Add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

Evaluating Apartments is Easy.

Anyone that can balance a checkbook can analyze and evaluate apartment businesses. Think about it. People who buy McDonalds franchises; what qualifications do they have prior to going into the fast food business? Most of the time, None - other than eating fast food.

However, they are entrepreneurs. They identify the business opportunity and then get trained by others who have done it and follow the system. The key part is in making the decision to get trained and just doing it.

Apartments Are Businesses & You are the Entrepreneur.

And unlike houses, apartments are simply businesses that are secured by real estate. We analyze and operate these apartments as businesses. It is the fact that they are secured by real estate that makes their financing so easy.

You see, most people are intimidated by the extra zeroes in these big ticket deals. Well, keep in mind that it's not your zeroes in the deal. So stop worrying about how you are going to raise the cash. Money follows deals.

The Extra Zeroes Are Your Friend.

With those extra zeroes on the prices comes extra zeroes on the checks for you, and/or faster financial freedom thru passive income. Your job as the deal-maker is to… find and make deals, i.e. create deal flow. I have had many students making offers and writing contracts within 3 weeks of their training.

So forget this nonsense about the limiting belief that you need to “graduate” into apartments. I started with apartments. I have hundreds of students who have. And so can you. This is a false belief that benefits the few buyers in the field that are out doing all of the deals.

Myth 2

If you have ever owned a rental house, you know about this. You have probably dealt with tenants & toilets. To me, nothing - I mean nothing - is worth me dealing with tenants and toilets. That's why I don't deal with rental houses.

You see. It's practically impossible to find a decent property manager to manage rental houses scattered across a city. He or she can't make enough for their trouble and you can't afford to pay them enough from the low cash flow of rental houses.

Apartments are a different story. A much different story.

Apartments Can Afford to Hire Good Property Managers.

Apartments are made to cash flow. Houses are not. Think about it. Apartments have shared walls, shared roof and a shared foundation. They are by definition income properties. The price per door for an apartment is far less than it is for a house.

There is far more cash flow from a multiunit apartment complex to afford to hire very qualified property managers and even on-site managers. Professionals who can earn enough from your apartment business to justify their best efforts. And you can afford to pay them, thanks to the economies of scale of your apartment business.

Everything Costs Less with Apartments than with Rental Houses.

Maintenance costs per door are less with apartments than houses. For a medium sized complex, you can even afford to have an on-site maintenance staff that handles most or all of the repairs. No more paying independent contractors for their travel time and down-time to make a special trip to your property.

Leasing is more effective and much cheaper with apartments. Realize that you have a built-in referral source with your own tenants – who will refer their friends for any vacancies. The on-site manager watches over your property all day and handles the leasing as prospects show up.

Try that with rental houses. Try to have a manager watch over your rental houses every day. It's impossible. The distinction again is that apartments are real estate businesses – with individual, unit-level cash flow engines, managed by others.

Here's the best way of explaining it, as told to me by a commercial broker…

"Houses are Feel-Estate. Apartments are Real Estate."

That means that the value of a house is dependent on its look and feel – the carpet, the kitchen, the wallpaper. In contrast, apartments - as income producing properties - are valued on, well the… income.

I realize that I may be speaking blasphemy here but it's time you heard the truth and we shattered some myths. There's plenty of wealth to go around in multifamily and there's no point in you working harder than you need to in houses – especially in this environment.

Oh, one last thing… With the decrease in new house mortgages and the increase in house foreclosures, there comes another phenomenon:

There's a Rapidly Growing Increase in Rental Housing Demand!!

Housing is one of those businesses that they call recession-proof. After all, everyone has to live somewhere – regardless of the economy. Housing is not exactly an optional expense.

And if people are down-sizing in a cost-cutting economy, are they moving up or down? That's right. Down. And probably to an apartment. There is progressive downward rental demand to apartments.

That's good news to the apartment entrepreneur – whether an owner or wholesaler.

We are in the Rental Housing Business.

Rental housing has always made sense – when done with multifamily apartments. And today, business is good and growing.

Over the last few years, I've been quietly perfecting my own system of finding, analyzing and buying multifamily apartments – always using none of my own money.

I've integrated all that I learned from the masters of real estate, creative financing, marketing, negotiation, business and wealth psychology into my own personal system for what I call Nothing-Down Wealth Creation.

I've purchased apartments to hold and contracted apartments to flip.

My First Deal – A Small Apartment, Nothing Down.
Positive Cash Flow on Day One

PinewoodMy first deal was a four-plex which I bought from an out-of-state owner who owned the property free and clear. (Can you say cha-ching?). She responded to my very first mailer of 50 letters. She was motivated to sell. The property was occupied and I offered her 10% below market and asked her to carry back 100% of the financing for 30 years at 6.5% with no balloon.

Her response, “When can you close?”

Thru seller-financing, she was the bank for the entire deal. No credit check or down payment required. I earned her trust thru the principles I now teach. And there wasn't a competitor in sight. Not one.

The small apartment was nothing down positive cash flow on Day 1 and from that point, I was hooked on apartments. (Coincidentally, I purchased 23 properties off of that single mailer of 50 letters – all nothing down. It was a remarkable alignment of the planets with opportunity and marketing coinciding. It was a huge lesson learned about taking action.)

Big Ticket Apartment Deals are the Fast Track.

As I progressed in my learning, I chose to focus on big ticket projects because I wanted fast results with little competition – and all on a part-time basis.

And the bigger the deals, the less possibility of competition; thanks to the apartment myths held by the inexperienced real estate entrepreneurs.

$1.25 Million Apartment – Nothing Down & No Rehab.

I purchased this 50 unit apartment building for $1.25 million using none of my own cash. I raised $250,000 from private sources and financed the balance with the bank.


And it required ZERO rehab by me. It was 92% occupied at closing and all rehab was done by the Seller, prior to closing. Nothing down, positive cash flow and $100,000 of extra equity – at closing.

The sellers were a divorced couple who responded to one of my letters. In a single telephone call, he told me his motivation and his bottom line price. I had it under contract within a week and we closed it in 90 days. All nothing down.

The Seller got cash. It just wasn't my cash. Again, the property was not listed for sale but was simply the meeting of marketing with opportunity.

Wholesaling Apartments is Like
Wholesaling Houses But On Steroids.

Have you ever seen an apartment project like this?

Del Rio

This 56 unit property was totally abandoned and owned by the bank. In fact, it was so bad, the crack-heads were coming in at night to rip the copper out of the walls to sell for drugs. Not a pretty sight. And a major rehab to bring back to life.

Maybe you don't want to handle rehabs like this? Don't worry. Neither did I. Too much work – at least for me.

I got this 56 unit apartment under contract for $250,000 (less than the cost of my home) and flipped it to buyers who take on large rehab projects. My return: $37,000. $37,000 for my time, my negotiation and most importantly my know-how. And I never lifted a hammer.

Another Apartment Advantage – Little to No Competition.

Oh, I found this deal thru a commercial broker referral. Again, there was no competition. I made $24,000 (or 147%) more money on the deal than the broker.

And my buyers got a project with $500,000 upside in 12 months.

How I Made $13,000 on a Small Apartment Flip and
the Broker Did All of the Selling.

But you don't have to flip just ugly apartments. You can flip pretty ones. You can get a property under contract and then find a buyer of the contract and earn “assignment fees”. In fact, I always make more money than the broker on my flips.

Why? I'm not sure other than brokers seem to be stuck on the notion that they can only make 6% on a deal. I have no such limiting beliefs.

One day, from my marketing, a man called me who wanted to sell his triplex. It was in a developing and much desired area of my city. I didn't deal much in that area and I didn't want a small triplex but I learned long ago that what may not meet my criteria may meet someone else's.

So I put the property under contract for $201,500. I then contacted a local broker who specialized in the area and asked him, “What can you sell this for?” He answered, “$250,000”.

I explained that I had a contract to purchase it and that I would sell the property for $228,000. I further told him, “I don't care what you sell it for or how much you make on it but I won't take less than $228,000. Can you find a buyer fast?”

He answered, “Yes.” And off he went. We had it under a contract in a week for $228,000. My seller made his $201,500. I made $13,100. The broker made $11,400. (Again, I made more than the broker.)

And the Buyer got a triplex worth $250,000 for $228,000 in a high growth neighborhood. (And she got rent-free living as she moved into one of the units and collected rent on the other two).

That's Win-Win-Win and here's a copy of my check.

"Copy of actual check with protective background."

All of this was thanks to my know-how and the scripts and systems that I learned from years of experience and the School of Hard Knocks.

Ultimately, I retired from my 20 year corporate career to pursue multifamily real estate full-time.

I Had Found the Mother Lode.

I'd discovered big ticket apartment deals with little to no competition that I could do using none of my own money. The whole game was in deal flow creation.

As I started sharing my successes with colleagues and friends, word began to spread amongst the local real estate clubs of my successes. The members of the real estate clubs kept hearing of the “real estate investor” who skipped single family and went straight to multifamily.

Everyone Wanted to Know How I Did This.

So I created a 2 day training event where I taught a jam-packed room of budding real estate entrepreneurs my exact systems for finding, flipping and buying apartment complexes using none of my own money.

The response was over the top.

In creating that 2 day training, I broke down my entire system into 7 logical modules that could be easily covered by the beginning real estate entrepreneur. There were people in that audience who had ZERO training in real estate and they walked away “armed and dangerous”.

The Bad News…

You've already missed my 2 day live boot camp training where I covered all 7 modules in detail and with examples.

The Good News…

I recorded the entire training and packaged my entire system around the 7 modules.

And I need your help in creating nationwide big ticket deal flow. And that's why I created my Multifamily Success Home Study System.

If you're ready to come join the small community of apartment entrepreneurs in creating big ticket deal flow and big ticket returns, continue reading about how you can get started – risk-FREE and at pennies on the dollar.

Here are the seven modules that are essential to mastering the skillset and mindset around big ticket apartment entrepreneurship.

What You'll Receive.

My intensive two day boot camp was divided into seven distinct modules that were designed to give you EVERY tool, tactic and resource that you need to put a cookie-cutter operation in place in your town in less than 30 days. You will receive a full copy of the recordings from the event, and all handouts, and every other material that those who attended live will receive.

Again, since even a single deal can equal a years income, you can fit this business into your life, and create the wealth and independence that you are looking for.

Module 1: Why MultiFamily?

You'll learn why multifamily is a complete no-brainer in today's economy, and how to create a massive net worth in only a few short years - even starting part-time.

The age of easy single family deals has drawn to a close in many markets because of intense competition. While you have seen hundreds of signs saying "We Buy Houses," have you seen any saying "We Buy Apartments?" Could this be telling you something!?!

You'll learn how multifamily investing is actually more friendly to the small, cash-poor investor than single family houses. Readily assumable financing without qualification makes structuring these deals a breeze. You'll be blown away by how much easier it is to play with bigger dollars in multifamily investing.

Module 2: Analyzing & Farming Deals

This SHOCKS most people, but it is far easier to figure out the value of a massive apartment complex in many cases than a single family bread and butter home.

The reason is because to determine value, you simply plug in readily available numbers into specific formulas to yield what a fair price for the property is. I detail HOW to do this so that you never have to guess about value again. So simple, that any sixth grader could run these numbers.

You'll look at sample apartment deals – real apartment deals to hone your understanding. And you'll learn how you can begin practicing your analysis skills immediately and at any time. You'll learn how to size up any deal – anywhere – from your desk, using the 1 page Deal Analysis Sheet provided with the Home Study System.

I'm Ready To Get Started Right Now!

Module 3: Funding Deals with NONE of Your Own Cash

Let's face it. Apartment complexes are so expensive that if everyone had to buy them with their own cash, very few complexes would ever get sold.

Apartment complex sales are built upon the idea of using other people's money, creative finance techniques, and owner financing. Not having the cash to close a deal is the norm.

Once you know how to structure and fund a deal, you can literally walk right into a million dollar deal even if you are having trouble keeping the light bills on.

Most of your sellers bought their complexes with little if any personal money down, and they will readily sell to you on the same terms?

You will master the proven formula for raising all of the private money you'll need for your deals. And you'll learn how to structure the deals such that private money is attracted to you – without giving away the farm.

Module 4: Finding Deals

To do a deal, you must first find it. Because there is so much less competition in multifamily investing, old school tactics like looking at listed deals or sending out simple letters will yield massive results.

You will get an entire turn-key marketing system that you can use from day one – with sample letters and tested and proven scripts for speaking with Sellers and Brokers.

There is even a way to search for these deals over the internet at any hour of the day or night. You'll learn EXACTLY what I do to create a massive flow of motivated sellers. And because I am a self-admitted cheap-skate when it comes to marketing, you'll learn many FREE ways to get your marketing message out there.

Please Sign Me Up Now

Module 5: Contracting & Closing

You will learn the PRECISE techniques and steps to put any multifamily property under contract, conduct your due diligence, and how to get it closed with none of your own cash. This is hard-core nuts and bolts information that will leave nothing to chance.

Need specifics to feel comfortable? You'll have the exact information that you need to appear knowledgeable and professional from your very first deal forward.

Module 6: Property Management Secrets

Learn how I can manage as many units as I can find without ever having to lift a finger or fix anything personally. Let the property pay for someone to handle those details, and spend your time out finding more lucrative deals while your net worth stacks up.

I'll give you the exact reports and systems I use to manage my own properties through others. This module teaches you how to manage the managers.

I'm Ready to Take Action!

Module 7: Getting It Done - Detailed
Action Plan

Knowledge without a game plan is valueless. That's why in this module I detail EXACTLY what action steps to take on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that you WILL achieve at a high level.

This module gives you a complete game plan so that you can schedule your winning strategy and get real results starting out of the gate. You receive your Performance Dashboard to score card yourself on a weekly and daily basis. You'll know exactly what you need to be doing to be successful.

Support Materials, Templates & Scripts

You'll receive all of the handouts from the live boot camp plus my newest ones!

Your Support Materials include sample deals, Deal Analysis Sheets, Seller and Broker Scripts, Templates, marketing pieces, Property Management Reports, Performance Dashboard and more!

These are all of the documents you need to start your apartment financial freedom machine. It's the same system that Lance uses.

You Receive this Training at a Fraction
of the National Price.

And rest assured, this is not a pared down hype program to get you to learn by purchasing another course. Everything is in here. I jam packed everything that you need to know to make money NOW in multi-family into this Home Study System.

By the end of the training, you will walk away feeling empowered – with the knowledge and skills to confidently find, fund and create wealth through multifamily properties. You will look at your real estate business and the world in a whole new light.

The national price for this apartment training bootcamp would cost you upwards of $5,000. I know because I've been to them. This is specialized knowledge, and not that many people who have it are willing to share. But, you are going to get it for a fraction of that.

The home study course is not $2497, not $1997, not $1497 but rather it is just $997 or 3 installments of just $399.

Heard Enough? Want In? Click Here

And because you have demonstrated your interest in multifamily to arrive at this website, I am going to do some special things.

First, I am going to ship you the CD's and all of the materials at my expense.

Again, this information is worth upwards of $5,000, so at only $997 you are getting a whale of a deal.

Why am I Offering this Unique Training at this Low Price?
For 2 reasons:

Reason #1:

I am developing a nationwide group of successful Multifamily Entrepreneurs. People who are willing to follow my guidance, take action and become successful Multifamily Entrepreneurs. Once you are successful, I'd like your testimonial. In fact, I expect your testimonial. Deal?

Reason #2:

I have discovered that teaching is my passion – revealing to others how everything they need is already inside of them. And enabling them to live the life they were meant to lead – without fear. And how multifamily is the perfect real estate vehicle.

Again, that's only $997 or just 3 installments of $399.

I Want to Join Your Nationwide Group

No Experience is Required.

So what experience do you need? None - other than a 6th grade math education. I don't care if you've ever done a deal before or not. I have students doing multimillion dollar deals – as their first real estate deal.

They've lost all fear of the zeroes. And they've come to realize that the zeroes are their friend.

If you are serious about transforming your financial life thru big ticket real estate, there is no reason why you shouldn't be doing this.

Your only prerequisite is a willingness to participate.


Check Out What My Students Are Saying...

"This Student Created $80,000 Equity on Her First Apartment Deal – 8 Units!"

"You don’t ever have to touch a single family house. Once you know how to do the calculations and do the analysis, then that's all you really need. And then to understand how to buy the property. Then you just get out there and go for it!

It’s really easy to do the analysis. Any 5th grader can do it… You don’t have to go out and drive around…

The system works... The deals are out there. You just have to do your part… There are people
out there who will loan you the money… Thank you Lance for all of the learnings you have
shared with us."

-- Toni Ward, Student

"We are closing on our first deal, 24 units, this month."

"Hi Lance, I purchased your course a couple of months ago and I want to thank you for putting together such an awesome educational tool! My wife and I have been full time RE "entrepreneurs" for the past 4 years and I'm also a licensed agent in Florida. We are closing on our first deal, 24 units, this month.


Mindset is definitely playing a big role in our life right now! Everyday I look at my vision board and dream of the possibilities. My goal is to acquire 300 units in our first year... Thanks again for all of your help and I look forward to meeting you in person one day. Please feel free to use me as a testimonial."


-- J. Brad Willits, Student.

"Lance Edwards is a very inspiring teacher."

"Lance Edwards is a very inspiring teacher. His passion for his business of multifamily investing is infectious..." 

-- Chris Dasch, 

"Anyone can do it."

“I learned a great deal about multifamily investing. The most important is that you don’t have to be “rich” to do these deals. Anyone can do it. Also, Lance delivered a wealth of information. I didn’t feel as though I needed to attend five more seminars to get started.”  

Denise Rowe, Student.

"... by far and away the best presentation of
any real estate topic."

"Lance Edwards' Multifamily Investing Seminar is by far and away the best presentation of any real estate topic.  It has great ideas and was focused on truly educating the participants. It is far better than any single seminar, book or course that I have ever taken." 

Chuck Bridgman, Student

"... showed me that I already have the ability to do these deals"

"This was an eye opening seminar that not only showed me the ins and outs of multifamily investing but it also showed me that I already have the ability to do these deals and be successful in doing them."

Gary Scardino, Student

I Want My Own System Now!

Your Motivation to Change Your Life Now…

Success comes to those who take decisive action. As your reward for acting now and ordering this program, you will receive these remarkable bonus items which even the original students did not receive at the live event! (Shhh... Don't tell them).

BONUS #1: LIVE Group Consultation Call - $300 Value

I will personally host a teleconference for everyone who purchases within the next 30 days. During this telecall, you can submit your questions to me and I will your questions and everyone else's questions..

As long as it takes, I will stay on the line to make sure that there is NO confusion. But, once you see how truly easy this business is, and how clearly things are organized in the seven modules, you probably will have no questions and, instead, absolute certainty on how to get started.

This bonus live telecall is your insurance policy for ensuring you get it. Because I want you to get it.

BONUS #2: 90 Days of Email Consultation - $1000 Value

Upon your order, you will have 90 days of email access to get your personal questions answered - answers to your questions on multifamily investing and/or questions on your specific deals or offers.

You simply email your question or fax in the 1 page Deal Analysis Sheet (provided in the Home Study System) and you'll get your deals analyzed and questions answered. Plus we're available to review your apartment offers – prior to submittal – and all of this support is included as your tuition for the next 90 days.

The value of this support could be tens of thousands of dollars in assisting you with getting into the right deal – the financial freedom kind of deal


BONUS #3: Written Transcript of the Event - $197 Value

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