Business Opportunity: How To Make A Killing In Commercial Real Estate without Owning a Single Piece of Property and With No Cash or Credit!


Learn How to Double Your Income from Buying and Flipping Commercial Real Estate Notes Without Ever Seeing the Real Estate - And Using None of Your Own Money


The Commercial Debt Tsunami Of 2010...A Wellspring Of Opportunities for Savvy Entrepreneurs




From: Lance Edwards, Apartment Entrepreneur & Mentor


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

With unprecedented change comes unprecedented opportunity.  That's the mindset of the entrepreneur.


Here's what a recent survey of my Multifamily Apprentices showed:


56% Are Finding Distressed Mortgages


And that doesn't count the abundance of distressed single family home mortgages and notes that are out there right now and can be bought for pennies on the dollar.


The Whole Country is in Debt.  Shouldn't You

Be in the Debt Business?


And I want to be in on this bonanza in debt -- wholesaling and/or buying performing and non-performing commercial real estate mortgages using other people's money.


Generate Chunks of Cash Wholesaling these Commercial Notes


As always in times of change, there are buyers for distressed assets - like notes.  Put yourself in the toll-gate position between the distressed note deal flow and the buyers.  Or...


Generate Your Own Passive Income Buying Notes

Using None of Your Own Money


The note buyers are hungry for your note deal flow.  You can broker it for all cash up-front or some cash up-front plus residual income.


Have an IRA?  Earn double digit returns brokering notes to yourself. 


I Am Pursuing Commercial Note Wholesaling for My Own Business


And that's why I partnered with the best to learn how to create a note buying wealth machine.  I have partnered with Troy Fullwood to create my newest Note Wholesaling Virtual Boot Camp.


And You Will Be Coached in Note Brokering by the Best


Troy Fullwood is a self-made millionaire who has purchased over $1 Billion of real estate notes since 1997.  And that's who will be teaching and coaching you in my newest Commercial Notes Virtual Boot Camp.


NEW: Commercial Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp

Business Training & Coaching


Learn how to copy step-by-step exactly what Troy does to generate 4 & 5 figure checks thru real estate without ever owning it.   


Note buying and brokering is the process of finding a note owner and then selling the discounted note to a Buyer for your profit.   It’s been done forever for houses but most people – until now – didn’t realize there’s a secret group (like me, you and Troy) doing it also for commercial property!


Note Wholesaling is Big-time Cash Creation

via the Phone and Internet.


Work with Troy LIVE from the comfort of your home or office in an interactive training & mentoring environment focused solely on equipping you with the exact step-by-step instructions, tools and mindset for buying and flipping commercial real estate notes in TODAY's market. 


Wholesale Real Estate Notes - Commercial or Multifamily


Whether it's single family, multifamily or commercial, you should be doing this TODAY!  There are hedge funds and private investors lining up right now looking for distressed real estate notes.  You are their conduit to the deals.


With Troy's Coaching, Here's What You Will Master:



How to easily find discounted commercial real estate notes - across North America


How to evaluate the notes - from your home or office


How to determine your offer price


How to write your offer


How to easily find Buyers for your commercial notes


How to present your deal to your Buyer


How to negotiate your note brokering fee & profit


How to generate passive income for yourself with your commercial notes

■  How to build business lines of credit

How to manage the due diligence process


How to manage the closing process


What to say and what not to say to Note Sellers


What to say and what not to say to Note Buyers


Plus much, much more!!!

I'm Ready to Take Action Now

Here's What You Will Receive


You receive everything you need in this complete Commercial Notes Mastery Cookbook System - derived from Troy's very own deals.   You receive:



Weekly Instruction & Coaching by Troy Fullwood


Step-by-Step Instruction for the entire process


All of the forms and documents you need


Offer Letter Templates


Assignment Letter Templates

Unlimited email Support


■   Ad templates - from Troy's actual deals

Deal analysis templates


Marketing templates

■  Scripts for talking to bankers
■  Scripts for talking to Sellers

And much, much more!!!


Who is it for?


This on-line Boot camp is for entrepreneurs who want to generate quick and meaningful cash in buying or wholesaling commercial notes:


■   Houses ■   Retail Centers
■   Apartments ■   Hotels
■   Strip Malls ■   Other Commercial Projects

No License is Required!

This is For Me


If You are a Real Estate Agent, Read This!


This program is also perfect for licensed real estate agents and brokers who want to monetize their contacts and generate note brokering fees that are larger than your listing commissions.


Don't Worry


No experience is required.  You can start with the mortgage on a house or a 100 unit apartment complex.  All that matters is your willingness to follow the exact step-by-step instructions that you receive in this training and coaching program.


You'll walk away with an entire new view of the world of opportunity.  Cash is KING today and you can create your own fortune using other people's cash in brokering commercial notes.


I Got Troy To Cut His Tuition!


The LIVE Boot Camp for Troy's Note Training costs $2497 plus travel cost.  And in today's economy, I realize that less and less people want to travel.  So I twisted Troy's arm to create the Commercial Notes Mastery Virtual Boot camp where you work from your own home - and I SAVE you MONEY.


Yes, I Want to Generate Instant Income


All you need is Phone and Internet Access


You meet as a small group for 4 Thursdays, starting April 15, 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern - for 2 hours. 


You will all be able to speak live and work personally with Troy and to each other as an interactive mastermind group.  Bring your live commercial deals which Troy will coach you to find in the training.


You Learn by Doing


In-between the weekly coaching sessions, you get to try-out your newest business and marketing skills in the field and then receive coaching on your discoveries.


You will Receive Audio Recordings of All Sessions


Even if you miss a session, don't worry.  You can review the recordings afterward.  And you'll be able to archive the audio recordings to your own library for future reference.



"A powerful class. There are dynamics here and lessons learned that you will never find anywhere - not even in a book.  The model Troy has set up is really outstanding and very educational."

--Durango A. from St. Louis, MI

So How Much Does it Cost?


For Troy's LIVE Boot camp, he charges $2997 + your travel costs.  Yet, with this Note Wholesaling Mastery On-Line Boot camp, the price is only $997 and there are NO travel costs. Enroll me now!


You Can Even Finance It


Or you can finance it at $547 up-front and 1 payment of $547 which will be charged to your credit card 30 days from today.


Plus, with our extended financing option, you can start as low as $397 up-front.  And then you make 2 installment payments of $397 - 30 days apart, starting 30 days from today.  That's 3 payments of just $397; 1 today and then 2 every 30 days.


"Honest Straightforward Information"

"The only workshop where they teach you what they promise. Troy is there for you then and in the future.  No hype - They give you the honest straightforward information you need to create a successful stream of income."

--Mary F. from Manchester, TN

I Want to Get Started Now


Receive $2,955 of Bonuses When You Enroll Now:


BONUS #1 - Business Resource Package #1 ($541 Value).

For signing up now, you’ll also receive these resources for your commercial note brokering and buying business:



Investing in First Trust Deeds e-Book


Money Secrets of the Rich and Well-Connected


Loan Modification e-Book


BONUS #2 - Business Resource Package #2  ($717 Value)

For signing up now, you’ll also receive these resources for catalyzing your success in brokering your first commercial paper deal for income: 



List of Motivated Sellers and Banks


90 Days Access to Troy's Mastermind Website


BONUS #3 - 90 Days of Post-Training Support  ($1000 Value)

Of course, you'll get your get your questions answered on the weekly live sessions. And you'll also get unlimited email support for the next 90 days after the training ends. Email in your questions, deals or offers for review.


BONUS #4 - Raising Private Money Home Study System  ($697 Value)

Troy will show you the buyers of commercial notes. And because you may want to keep some of the properties, Lance will provide you his Raising Private Money Home Study System. You get immediate access to this digital system.




Click Here to Access the Bonuses Now



My Famous Better-than-Risk-FREE Guarantee


As always, I have a better than risk-FREE offer for you.  I don't consider your tuition purchase binding until you've had a chance to preview the first 2 webinar sessions in full and all of the materials.


Sign up today. Receive all of the other bonuses  delivered to your Inbox. Receive the Raising Private Money Home Study System.  You are in complete control.


Check it all out before the Virtual Boot Camp even starts.


Attend the Commercial Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp - for the first 2 sessions. 


If you decide it's not for you, for any reason, simply cancel via email after the 2nd webinar session and receive a full refund of your tuition.  


And keep all of the bonuses and Home Study System that were delivered to you.   That's right.  Keep them!


Send me access to the Home Study System and bonuses Now!


That's how much confidence I have in this training.  I am extending this offer to only those of the highest integrity.  Putting myself at risk for your benefit to see the opportunities available to you - right now.


Read What Other Students Say About Troy's Program...


"Do What You Need to Do"

"You need to do what you need to do to clear your schedule to be in this class.  Nobody talks about Non-Performing Paper.  This is where the money is and will be for the next 4 years."

 --Kim B. from Riverside, CA

"I Will Make an Extra $200,000 In the Next 12 Months."

"Not only will Troy tell you the good of the business, but he will also tackle the bad aspects of the business as well.  This event has empowered me and given me the necessary tools I need to create my continuous cash flow."

 --John M. from Norfolk, VA

"One of The Finest Pieces Of Information"

"Robbing Banks Legally was one of the finest pieces of information that I have learned in being able to generate wealth in my entire life.  This is going to be a total life changer and be able to make it possible for us to generate a substantial amount of retirement income."

--Bobby R. from Midland, TX

NEW: Special Limited Program

Notes Partner for Profits


For my community, Troy has created a new Platinum notes program - never done before.  It's Notes Partner for Profits - where you partner with Troy Fullwood to get your business started and profiting.


Notes Partner for ProfitsTM Program

- An Unprecedented Opportunity -

This program is not for everyone.  It's for those who are truly committed - as opposed to just interested.


Partner for Profits includes everything in the Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp PLUS an exclusive program of:


l  Personal 1-on-1 phone access to Troy

l  Personal coaching from Troy to help do the deals

l  QuickStart Phone Consult on Getting Started

l  On-going deal review

l  On-going marketing review

l  Troy "looks over your shoulder"

l  Troy is your Buyer (if you like)


Troy is Motivated to Make You Money - Here's Why:


The cost for Partner for Profits is $25,000.


You Pay Out of the Profits


Your down payment to enroll is $5000.  And you pay your $20,000 balance by splitting your profits with Troy 50/50 until the balance is paid.  For Troy to make his $20,000, you have to make your $20,000!


If you don't profit, Troy doesn't get paid.


That's a Real Win-Win Motivation.  Why?


Because Troy wants his money!  This is Troy's business and he's only extending this offer to those who want to make money in this business.


Can't Afford $5000 Now?


No problem.  You can join Notes Mastery today and within 6 months, you can credit 50% of your Notes Mastery purchase toward Partner for Profits.  That gives you 6 months to wholesale some deals to earn your enrollment fee.


It's Up to You Now!

Commercial Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp

Home-Based Business Opportunity

Starts April 15, 2010 at 9:00 PM Eastern for 4 Weeks


Sign me up for the Virtual Boot Camp. I will be sent instant access to my home study system and bonuses upon confirmation of my order so I can get started immediately.  And then I can bring my deals and questions to the Virtual Boot Camp.


Option #1
Commercial Notes Mastery
Virtual Boot camp 
Super Saver



Option #1 Boot Camp Super Saver


Option #2
Commercial Notes Mastery
Virtual Boot camp

Standard Saver
$547 + $547 in 30 days

Option #2 Boot Camp Standard Saver



Option #3
Commercial Notes Mastery
Virtual Boot camp

Extended Saver
$397 + $397
for 2 months, in 30 days

Option #3 Boot Camp Extended Saver


Partner for Profits Program

I want to get started with Troy's Partner for Profits Program where I partner with Troy personally to make money from real estate notes. The fee is $25,000 where I pay $5000 down and the balance is paid out of my note profits. The Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp is included with my $5000 down payment.

Option #4
Partner for Profits Program

Down Payment

Option #4 Partner for Profits Program




(Your purchase will be processed over secure servers.)



To your success,

P.S. Now, especially now, is the time to leverage the increased supply of distressed commercial notes on the market - and the increased supply of shoppers: ranging from individuals to hedge funds to overseas investors.  Turn crisis into opportunity by matching the deals with the dollars - in this case, notes

P.P.S. This offer is unprecedented. Claim your seat to my newest Commercial Notes Mastery Virtual Boot Camp now and verify it for yourself. You have nothing but upside.

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