Finally, A Complete Training for Getting Started in Small Apartments - with ACTUAL Calls to Seller and Agents...

How You Can Get Started on the Path to Financial Freedom thru Small Apartments - Part-Time with No Cash, Credit or Experience


You're Going to Learn in 3 Days LIVE The 6 Complete Steps to Getting Started in Small Apartments
Hear ACTUAL Calls with Agents and Sellers

Big Money with Small Apartments 
LIVE 3 Day Boot Camp
(3 Ways to Get It FREE and Earn $25,000 Finder Fees)

From: Lance Edwards, Apartment Entrepreneur & Trainer

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I'm hosting my newest and improved 3 day Big Money with Small Apartments LIVE Boot Camp with New Special Components - never done before now.

And You're Invited!

Here's a Summary of What You are Going to Learn & Experience

Free Tablet

When you attend the boot camp,

  • You'll receive the Offer Generator Software

  • You'll see offers being made on website listings using the Offer Generator Software

  • You'll hear calls with agents and sellers using scripts

  • You'll learn apartments while we do apartments LIVE at the boot camp

Here's what else you will see and learn:

  • 5 Ways to Get Started in Small Apartments
  • 12 Money-Making Small Apartment Strategies
  • How to Wholesale Small Apartments
  • How to Buy Small Apartments, Using Other People's Money
  • Hear ACTUAL Calls to Sellers and Agents
  • 6 Steps to Start-Up and Scale-Up
  • Complete Marketing Systems
  • How to Find Deals
  • How to Find Buyers
  • How to Find Private Investors
  • 1-on-1 Goal Session - Your Personal Plan

How to Bypass the Competition in the Extremely Crowded Single Family Space

Wanna know why single family margins are shrinking? 2 reasons:

First, EVERYONE thinks they have to get started in single family and then graduate to multifamily.  That's BULL!  I started with small apartments and retired from my J-O-B within 3 years, thanks to small apartments!

I've since expanded to larger deals - like 294 units and $11 Million.  BUT I still do small apartments.

Second, single family has become even harder with the Hedge Funds buying up everything in sight - at RETAIL prices!  When you do find a deal untouched by a hedge fund, there are 7 other bidders bidding up the price.  Ug.

You Can Add Small Apartments to Your Single Family Business or You Can Start with Small Apartments

If you're doing single family now and making some money, don't stop.  BUT do add small apartments as another profit center - where you can wholesale them or buy-and-hold them.  One difference - bigger paychecks!

If you're brand new, start with small apartments like I did and accelerate your path to financial freedom with much less competition. 

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Started with Small Apartments TODAY

Reason #1 - Bigger Paydays:  On wholesale deals, me and my students are making $10,000+ per deal on property we never own. Try making that wholesaling houses today. And on buy-and-holds, the cash flow from small apartments beats houses hands-down!

My graduate, Henry Serrano, made $16,500 wholesaling a triplex using just 1 of the strategies you'll learn - it's called Peas in a Pod (Of course, I'm not promising you anything). 

Reason #2 - Less Competition:  Very few people focus on small apartments.  Most start with houses. Why?  Because they mistakenly believe they need to "graduate" from single family to multifamily.  That's BULL.  

My graduate, Peter Arianas, made $60,000 on his first real estate deal - of any kind.  And it was out-of-state (another advantage of apartments).

Reason #3 - LOTS of Deals:  By small apartments, I mean 2-20 units.  That translates into LOTS and LOTS of deals.  And you're going to learn precisely how to target and find those deals - on an off-market basis, i.e. the deals not listed.  I personally started with a 4-plex nothing down.

Reason #4 - LOTS of Buyers:  Wanna know who buys small apartments?  Single family home landlords; those persons who are tired of fighting cash flow with houses.  Maybe you're 1 of them. You'll learn how to target market your wholesale deals to this massive buying group.

You'll learn how I sold a 10 unit property to a single family home landlord.  I received $27,000 at closing and $800 net passive income each month and never think about the property.,

Reason #5 - LOTS of Private Investors:  Did you know that there is $5 Trillion in IRA's today? And 97% is earning less than 1%!  And those with self-directed IRA's are desperately seeking a better return.  

I personally started with IRA investors to get me started. But that's just 1 source.  You'll learn how to find and present to private investors looking for good real estate deals that beat 1% returns. 

Reason #6 - Small Money to Raise:  When you get started with small apartments (vs. mid-size or large apartments), these are relatively small ticket items.  And so if you need a 3rd party private investor for a buy-and-hold deal, just 1 IRA investor could get you started. 

Reason #7 - They Close Fast:  Small apartments typically close in 30 days.  As opposed to my $11 million 294 unit deal which closed in 5 months 28 days. You want to close your first deal quick to get you to the cash and confidence.  (The record amongst my students is 9 business days).

Reason #8 - Scale-Up to More Small Apartments:  The first deal is important but I believe in  scale-up and leverage of effort for massive returns.  With small apartments, you can easily scale-up locally, regionally or nationally using the strategies I teach.

Reason #9 - Scale-Up to Large Apartments:  I've done deals from 3 units to 294 units.  And here's what I know - the process is the same.  All that's required is a mindset adjustment and busting the fear of extra zeroes.  You can scale to larger deals nationally or in your back yard.

Reason #10 - Strong Multifamily Demand:  The Baby Boomer and Millennial economy has created an expanding market for renters - good news for those of us in apartments. 

"Lance, If You Had to Do It All Over Again, What Would You Do?"

I get this question ALOT.  I've been in real estate since 2002 and it's a great question.

This training is the answer to that question.  This training combines over a decade of experience to complete systems that anyone can follow to get started in small apartments and scale-up.

It leverages my experience and systems while answering every question that I've been asked over the years by new students.  It lays the complete system out in such a cookie-cutter approach that anyone can do it.  In fact, I have 18 year olds doing it.

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Learn and Experience

5 Ways to Get Started:  You are going to learn in detail the 5 ways to get started in apartments, of any size - so you can scale-up at any time.

12 Small Apartment Strategies:  Since I began, I've developed 12 strategies unique to small apartments that anyone can do, including my FAVORITE - the Peas in a Pod Strategy.  This strategy is your fastest path to cash!   You learn how to wholesale, buy-and-hold and rehab.

ACTUAL Calls to Sellers & Agents:  This is an experiential learning where you'll hear ACTUAL calls employing the same techniques you'll learn.  This, combined with the scripts you'll receive gives you the CONFIDENCE to do the same.

6 Steps to Start-Up & Scale-Up: This is where I show you step-by-step how to get your first deal done and then how to scale-up - like I did in going from my 1st small apartment deal to 50 deals on a part-time basis.

Complete Marketing Systems: We are not in the real estate business; we are in the MARKETING business.  And you're going to receive all of the systems for automating your business so others can do it for you - generating deal flow, buyer lists and investor lists.

1-on-1 Goal Session: You receive a 1-on-1 goal session where you will receive your own personal plan to your first deal, tailored to you.  Identify the markets and strategies that are perfect for putting you on the fastest path to cash.  

All Your Questions Answered:  A great advantage of LIVE interactive training is that you get all of your questions answered!  That all contributes to...

Confidence to Close Your 1st Deal: There is no more important deal than your first deal. And armed with the specialized knowledge, systems, experiential learning and 1-on-1 goal session, you are prepared to leave the training to close your critical first deal.

Imagine This for You


Imagine the control you will feel financially with the knowledge that YOU can do apartment deals like a real pro.  You don't need to graduate from anything.  You have what it takes now.


Imagine the feeling of being unstoppable as you master the science of raising private money for your deals - on your way to financial freedom.


Imagine the feeling of certainty when you size up an apartment deal and its value plays and you know precisely how to create massive value. 


Imagine the feeling of comradery when you learn with others in a live environment and you share your "aha moments".  You now know what the financially free know.   Establish lifetime contacts in your new apartment business.


Realize in your core being that we are all in the same boat - but the successful simply choose to not succumb to the Dream Busters around us.  


Feel the confidence over knowing how to master the most important tool in your arsenal - the most powerful tool on the planet - your own mind; learned from a master practitioner and coach. 


What Does it Cost?

This real estate training with a focus on small apartments is not offered anywhere else.  

And when multifamily training is provided, you'll pay $4995 to attend a LIVE event.   But when you join my next event, you're not going to pay $4995.  

But before I tell you your investment, there's more that you're going to receive, when you enroll TODAY in the upcoming LIVE Boot Camp.

Get Started TODAY with $13476 of Business Training, Marketing Systems and Support - When You Take Advantage of this Internet Offer

Get Started NOW - Bring Your Deals to the Boot Camp for Us to Call

Success comes to those who take decisive action.  As your reward for acting now and enrolling in this upcoming Boot Camp, you will receive these remarkable bonuses:

BONUS #1: Multifamily Success 2.0 Home Study (physical format) - $1497 Value  
You are going to have delivered to your doorstep my complete A-Z system on multifamily: small to large.  It comes in multimedia format (CD's, DVD's, Transcript) with a Work Book of all your templates, scripts and forms.  It's your Multifamily Bible. 

BONUS #2: Multifamily Success 2.0 Home Study (digital format) - $497 Value
Your physical home study will arrive in a few days but as soon as you place your order, you'll receive the complete digital program delivered to your Inbox so you can start IMMEDIATELY.  Download the complete program.  

BONUS #3: 180 Days of Gold Support - $997 Value
You receive 6 Months of unlimited email and phone support by Lance's Deal Making Team for your deal reviews, offer reviews, and questions.   
Plus, You Receive 2 Tickets to the Boot Camp

I want you to be there with your spouse or partner.

So, I'm going to gift you an extra ticket for your spouse or business partner to attend the Boot Camp and all of the on-line bonus trainings.  That's an additional $2495 Value!

What if You Can't Make the Boot Camp?
The Tickets are Transferable!

I'm going to make this even more of a no-brainer.  Your 2 tickets are transferable to any future Big Money with Small Apartments LIVE Boot Camp. No expiration. Events are held monthly, coast to coast.

Here's what you do...    Enroll now.  Get started with Home Study System and its Quick Start Guide and all of the bonuses.

Then you join me at a future Big Money with Small Apartments Boot Camp.

OK Lance, So What's the Price? 

Your price?  Just $3995.  That's right - it's only $3995 when you act now.

I'll even let you make 5 installment payments of $799.  That's $799 down and 4 installment payments of $799 every 30 days.
Finally, make a single payment of just $3495

Again, 2 Tickets to the Boot Camp and ALL of the bonuses is just 5 payments of $799 or $3495 with a single payment (save an extra $500 for a total $1500 savings).

I have students closing deals just following the instructions, systems, scripts and templates in the Multifamily Success 2.0 Home Study System.


Three Ways to Get Your Training FREE
(And Earn $25,000 Finder Fees)

Your investment is just a training deposit because I’m giving you 3 ways to get your deposit back:

    1.Send me 20 apartment leads which meet my criterion within 90 days of your boot   camp graduation and if I don’t buy at least one, I’ll reimburse your training deposit 100%.

      Just find apartments for sale online (using my system and criterion you’ll learn at the boot camp) and submit to me online.  You don’t speak to anyone.  I do that.  When I buy it, I pay you at closing.

    2. When I buy one of the apartments you send me, I’ll pay you 200% of your training deposit PLUS a $25,000 Finders Fee!

    3. Buy or flip a small apartment on your own (you can use my buyer’s list) within 180 days from your enrollment and  I’ll reimburse your training deposit 100% in exchange for the use of your success story in my next book.

It Gets Even Better. Try It ALL

Better than Risk-FREE.

You can test drive the entire Training Program Risk FREE!

You're receiving EVERYTHING you need today - even before the Boot Camp.

Check out and experience the entire Home Study System, the marketing tool kits, the advanced on-line trainings and the Boot Camp.  

(We sell the BONUSES alone for more than this price for the Boot Camp.)

If you do not feel more focused, more certain and more confident than you ever have about real estate, you simply let us know at any time up till the conclusion on the last day of the Boot Camp, or 30 days from today (whichever is sooner), and receive a full refund - no questions asked.

You just return the physical materials you receive.  

But keep the digital Home Study system and all of the other materials that you receive TODAY in your Inbox! That's right - Keep them. And receive your full refund

Again, I am making this offer and extending myself at my own risk for your benefit.  You get access to all of my training and business systems worth thousands of dollars.

How can I make this offer?  Because in all of the years I've conducted LIVE Boot Camps, I've only had a handful of refund requests.  Less than 10! That's how impactful these materials are.

I challenge you to find a similar Better-than-Risk-FREE guarantee in real estate training.  That's how much confidence I have in this training.


Let's Recap This Unprecedented Offer to Get You to Your First Small Apartment Deal

When you purchase this Training Package today, here's ALL you receive:
Check Multifamily 2.0 Home Study System (Value $1497)
Check Immediate digital download (Value $497)
Check 6 Months of Gold Support (Value $997) 
Check Small Apartments LIVE Boot Camp (2 Tickets) (Value $6490) 
Check 180 Day Success Story - Tuition Reimbursement (Value  $3995)
Total Real Value      $13476
That's over $13000 in value of my training, business and marketing systems.   And you get immediate access to it ALL for just $3495 in a single payment, or 5 payments of only $799.


You Can Get Started for Just $799

Whether you do the single payment of $3495 or the installment plan of 5 payments of $799, you get it all delivered digitally and physically.

And attend the Boot Camp whenever you choose.  Your 2 tickets are transferable.

Limited Offer - I Can Only Afford to Give Away a Few FREE Tickets to my Small Group Training Boot Camps

My LIVE Boots are small group events.  I do it that way intentionally so that we can work 1-on-1 with you at the LIVE trainings.  These events are a max of 30 people plus guests.

So when I say I'm limiting the seats, I mean it.  This is not a ball room of 200 but rather a class room of a few dozen.

So while this offer is available right now, I reserve the right to pull it down at any time. And remove this FREE Boot Camp Tickets offer.  And frankly, I prefer working with decisive people anyway - especially when I give you 30 days to test everything or keep it FREE.

If you can't make a decision to at least try this offer then you're probably not interested in apartments or I'm probably not the right person for you to be working with.  So, be decisive, take action now and enroll.

Learn for yourself how this business can be done on a part-time basis and is easier than slugging it out house by house.    

Learn for yourself how you can easily create deal flow using these techniques.  And realize for yourself, that it's easy to raise private money with the right deals.

Remember, You're Just Enrolling in the 30 Day Trial Period

You receive access to ALL of my intellectual property and systems.  And with my 30 Day Better than Risk-FREE Guarantee, you have 30 days to evaluate it ALL for yourself, or until the last day of the Boot Camp (whichever is sooner).

If it's not for you, get a FULL refund and keep the digital materials.  Just return the physical materials within 30 days from today.



Jim Craig's Testimonial & What Former Students Are Saying

(More Testimonials Below)

"Far Better than any Single Seminar"

"Lance Edwards' Multifamily Investing Seminar is by far and away the best presentation of any real restate topic.  It has great ideas and was focused on truly educating the participants.  It is far better than any single seminar, book or course that I have ever taken."

-- Chuck Bridgman

"Purchased 42 Units" 

"Based on Lance's skillset and mindset teachings, I was able to bust my fear of the zeroes and purchase a 42 unit apartment with 95% bank financing with very preferred terms. Now I am looking at 500 units! Thank you Lance!"

-- Jon Perry

"Lance is Real, Nothing Fake About Him" 

"Since attending two other types of seminars and not satisfied, this I can honestly say, was very good. This wasn't a seminar; it was truly a learning boot camp, hands on interactive involvement. Lance is real, nothing fake about him. His world isn't theory; he is active in it as appears on a daily routine. I would recommend his Multifamily Boot Camp."

-- Mike McClain

More Testimonials from Students

"Transferred Knowledge with a Passion for Others"
Lance, To have attained the knowledge you have about multi-family real estate entrepreneurship is impressive. It is more impressive to be able to transfer that knowledge to others. But, to transfer that knowledge with a passion for others to learn and retain that learning in an unselfish manner by utilizing your years of mindset, real estate, personal improvement training and knowledge transfer techniques, to me, is far more impressive.

You and your family have many blessings coming your way.

-- Sultan Sulemanji

"Created $80,000 Equity on Her 1st Deal - 8 Units!"
You don't ever have to touch a single family house. Once you know how to do the calculations and do the analysis, then that's all you really need. And then to understand how to buy the property. Then you just get out there and go for it! It's really easy to do the analysis. Any 5th grader can do it.. You don't have to go out and drive around. The system works.  The deals are out there. You just have to do your part. There are people out there who will loan you the money. Thank you Lance for all of the learnings you have shared with us.

-- Toni Ward

"Learned More than in $50,000 Worth of Other Seminars"
I learned more in here than I did in the $50,000 - plus seminars over the past 2-1/2 years. You put everything in a well-planned formula for success. You also taught us how to think, really, outside the box with a mindset/skillset and focus on the daily steps to reach our goals. Thank you so much for your generosity in teaching me and all of the other students these important life skills.

-- Carl Moon

Why am I Making This Crazy Offer?

Why I am willing to place myself at such risk?

Because I understand the importance of mindset and acting in faith - and taking a first step.  I absolutely do - because I've been there.

I am speaking to your little voice - the little voice (or maybe the committee) that is telling you to be satisfied with the status quo.

And I am intentionally loading the deck against that little voice.  I am making this offer so crazy, so ridiculously Risk-FREE for you, that the little voice can't argue.  You have to win - if you act.

I'm making it incredibly easy for you to take that first step.  To act in faith that if you simply take a first step, the rest will take care of itself.  Again, I know, personally, the rewards of taking that first step - and of acting in faith.

So, again, I am taking all of the risk on my shoulders - for your benefit.

It's Up to You Now!

For Questions, call our Training Coordinator NOW at (281) 667-3638


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Big Money with Small Apartments
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January 13-15, 2022

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